If you are in one of these communities and would be interested in speaking with a reporter to be included as part of larger story on veterans, please contact them directly. If you are unsure, I’m sure they will be willing to answer any questions before you agree to an interview.


Multnomah Village and Hillsdale

Bill Gallagher




Courtney Vaughn

Reporter, Portland Tribune/The Times

503.862.3647 (cell)

971-204-7866 (office)


Lake Oswego

Patrick Malee

Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Office phone: 503-479-2379


Please note that you need to make contact with the reporter by THIS Friday, October 4.  If you are not a woman veteran, or if you are but are not interested in participating but have the opportunity to share this information with women veterans who may be in any or all of these three areas, please do so.


This is a great opportunity to get our stories told


Thank you Elizabeth A. Estabrooks, MSSW, Oregon Women Veterans Coordinator for the information